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Weight Lifting


Reputable, Educated & the Best in the Industry. Handpicked to provide results.

Use one of our trainers as a personal training coach as you begin a journey to get faster, stronger and healthier. Weight Training is suitable for everyone at any kind of fitness level. It is an excellent training program, taking advantage of the body’s natural movements. Don’t hesitate to start today at One for All Fitness!

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Strength Coach | Personal Trainer


Hey Everyone My name is Matthew Godden and I’m addicted to strength training and marvel !

 I’ve been heavily involved in the fitness industry for half of my life  - Working at various Gyms and Supplement stores while creating lasting knowledge and discipline along the way. Recently in the last 4 years I got introduced to the world of powerlifting .. placing first in the open 125kg category as well as competing in amateur benchpress deadlift and strict curl competitions around the city. 

My intuitive approach to building muscle and gaining strength which I call “Powerbuilding” will ultimately fast track your goals to new levels and beyond. 

With over 16 years experience and certified through the IFA .. You too can discover the SMASH-FIT method.

Become the superhero of your own story ! 

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