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Why Gyms and Community are Important During COVID

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Work from home, home school, shelter in place… 2020 has been the definitive year of staying in. Although spending the day in pajamas has its perks, it could become really stifling when every day is the same and you’re longing for a taste of social interaction. After all this time, it turns out the gym might save you.

You’ve heard it for years! The gym is a place you should be spending more time. Now, in a world plagued by COVID, the reasons to visit the gym are ever more compelling. Check it out:

It gets you talking to others.

Social interaction is at an all time low, which can be a big bummer. If you’re a gym member, you automatically have a whole squad of socially-distanced members. Even if it’s just the front desk person, you’d be surprised how good it feels just to interact with someone else!

Exercise is important!

Just making the effort to get to the gym is probably more exercise than you’d get while in this “new normal.” Going to the gym means spending a little time outside the house doing something that does good for you. Make the effort at the gym, then you can go home and really appreciate that fresh batch of cookie dough you’ve been dying to make.

It wards off depression and anxiety.

This has always been true, but it’s more important than ever: a steady gym routine means a steady stream of endorphins. While we all feel a little bit like we’re carrying the weight of the world, getting some exercise will help strengthen your muscles and your mood. Even on days when getting to the gym is a struggle, your body will always thank you for it!

It feels good to be part of a group.

You might not be alternating reps at the same squat rack, but there’s still a sense of community to be felt when you’re around others with a common cause. This is perhaps the easiest club to join in the world right now. Sign-up, show up, and you’re instantly part of the team.

It helps build up the community.

We’ve seen the positive effects that going to the gym has on the community, which lead to the opening of our new facility in Alberta. It’s an intoxicating feeling to see people enjoying the chance at finding some normalcy and camaraderie in these challenging times. We might be limiting the amount of people allowed in at once, but our gym will always be a place for you to feel safe, connected, and strong.


Long-time gym rats and newbies alike are uncovering that internal fire that motivates them to come to the gym. Whether it’s to flex those sleepy muscles or to get the chance to chat, There are so many reasons to put some energy into the gym. There’s never been a better time to show the gym some love. Visit us and see for yourself just how much enjoyment there is to come from it. You won’t be alone, and you’ll be glad for a little change of scenery–and physical activity–in even your most stressful or stagnant days.

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