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Health is Not Only for "Fit" People

It seems that successful big box "Gyms" have always projected the perfect 6-pack abs and the fast track to having a perfect body. BUT THAT IS NOT TRUTH. It is simply an empty promise for you to invest your money on merely a hope of the way one persons body looks.

Health and Fitness is designed for everyone at all walks of life. There is no such thing as a perfect body type, age, gender, race, background or even goal to begin choosing your self and prolonging your life. You may think this blog is nothing but words on a site you happened to procrastinate at work to read.

But the chances are you have a preventative illness in your family that runs through your genetics and you are well aware of it, your grandfather had a preventative heart attack that later resulted in another one, your overweight family member says its impossible to lose weight because of the way she is built while drinking her second can of cola, or maybe you are a new parent craving your body back and a sense of community at your 3 AM night feeds.

Whatever you want to avoid or create for yourself it isn't a gym that's going to send you on a fast track to the perfect body, it is the way you commit yourself to the possibility of reaching a measurable goal. Choose a fitness community that cares about those goals and wants you to succeed.

A committed member from day ONE (who shall not be named), made a promise to himself that he will never have another heart attack again, began his health journey at One for All. What seemed to be a "young persons" goal quickly became his to spend time with his grandchildren and prolong his life which seemed to be a second chance as friends ended theirs. Now retired and working out multiple times a week there are still NO six-pack but everyday as a gift spending memories with his family and friends.

There is no perfect person to begin a fitness journey, there is no such thing. Find your WHY, create a goal, find a supportive environment and strong community that will inspire you to make the changes you are worthy of.

-One for All

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