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Speechless... Because.. Well, COVID

This may seem like a loaded title and believe me it is..

As a small business owner, health advocate, personal trainer and father of 3 young children our third lockdown has me in complete dismay.

Since day one (2017) we have worked tirelessly opening our fitness community to the public and introducing a new approach to the typical "Gym" that the city was so used to. After spending 24/7 the first year of open we dedicated our entire lives to building the values and environment I was envisioning. Something big-box stores and commercial companies don't have the "luxury" of experiencing. The sleeping in the back room, the distance from what was once your life, missing family events, the consistent building of your souls vision and truly the connection you build every minute of dedicating your heart into those walls surrounding you.

Fast forward to 2020 and everything you have worked towards to be completely stripped away with no control of your own... And the worst part is? You are not unique and NO one else can help you. Every Small Business owner is likely in the exact same boat. Those sleepless nights are back but not for the same reason - the creeping in of your worst nightmares.

We are told by people we want to trust - supposed to trust - that all of this is to protect our fellow citizens from a worst case scenario of contracting a virus. What they don't dare to highlight is the plague in which has had a ripple effect. Our neighbours mental health, our kids glued to their screen while parents are juggling every aspect of their life from a screen themselves, our grandparents staring at four walls waiting for a light at the end of the tunnel, local business owners hard work being put on a treadmill and every single persons wellbeing, livelihood and mental health being threatened all while forcing us to turn on each other, fear one another and eliminate the human contact that we all need to thrive into our best selves.

I have been threatened on social media for claims of being selfish for my business being open during this time, we've lost countless relationships while trying to navigate through our new "business" reality, we have been shamed by unrealistic expectations when fitness and health should already be boosting immune systems and swerving future disease.

COVID-19 has left everyone speechless and it truly is time to unite and be kind. We need to accept the views of our neighbours, be patient with those who we hardly recognize as they navigate through their struggles, support our local companies who were left out to dry in 2020, encourage our kids to practice their passions and remember their lives have been flipped upside down, and unite in the fact we are humans who need compassion and community.

We are #CommunityStrong during #COVID and we are #united with #smallbusinessesyyc

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