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OK.. So that may have been a little harsh. But we know what its like when your whole entire existence feels like it is forced to be on hold. HELL, what makes us human is our drive to do something. Anything. To take a situation and make something out of it.

The thing that gives us LIFE is that our clock is ticking and we need to reach our full potential before we are buried deep in the earth that gave us breath.

But HOW do we find that purpose when we are forced inside, threatened by fines NO ONE could possibly afford, jobs stripped from us, minds struck by fear, our bodies limited to our damn couches, the only human contact are through these same devices tracking our interests and using it as a sales tactic to coerce us into purchasing something that may or may not better our lives?


I am taking back the POWER that once gave our community life. Refusing to sit on my ass in concern. I am building GOALS strategizing on how WE can come back stronger, more determined to be the best version of ourselves. Promising to build ON the community that once was so tight-knit and thriving on health and positivity.

I challenge you to fix that damn posture right now, do 10 jumping jacks, find 5 things you are grateful for, and WRITE how you are entering February with STRONG and FIERCE energy.

One more note and likely the most important; Bless everyone who continued to support this TEAM of like-minded strong individuals who have been put to an unfair test. YOU are the reason we are able to open our doors with strength and determination. When the first lock down happened we were clueless what the rest of the year would bring we were guilty of preparing for the absolute worst situation, we were looking for alternatives to just simply make the bills BUT what happened next was unexpected...a group of people who saw the value in our community and long-term vision and values of what a gym should be.

You are worthy of a great day & a healthy body.

Time to take your power back.

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