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What We Need To Do As a Small Business...

When we first started our local gym in Calgary Alberta we directly had the intention of pulling people together in all stages and walks of life. It was amazing! We had an incredible Powerlifting Team - Powerhouse filled with beginner athletes to World Record Holders to Beginner Athletes who turned World Record Holders, Dancers, Business Owners, New Parents and so much more!

We were able to truly see how one location can allow human connection.

Obviously the Pandemic hit us extremely hard- when we already knew the benefits of health and how it can truly launch your immune system and ability to heal. This virus was scary and we were cautious. Now that the world is opening up once again we want to welcome and remind you, WHEREVER you may be in your fitness journey to come and check out the space.

As a woman who never stepped foot in an intimidating gym it was important that the environment was one of welcoming and intention for others who may feel as clueless as I once did.

So our promise to you as we navigate this next phase of our business community... We are so proud to commit continuously to welcome Women, Men, Athletes, Beginners and more into our space. We will greet you at the door, show you around and welcome you to begin your journey. we are not big into sales and will not pressure you.

We promise to continue NOT having any sign up fees or enrollment fees and will even give you a free training session to get back on track. For we have some of the best in the industry!

Always feel free to reach out and give us a call!

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